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Hey everyone! :D
Sorry this hasn't been up sooner. I've been REALLY busy.
Anyways, this time we have the Hayes twins: Ciara and Kayden.
Featuring sims & lots by...slyndsey, frottana, sunnyskysx & Nooboo.
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Here we go everyone!
We're starting off the first round of Aldrose with Haley Britton & her kitty Merlin.
Also, I'm playing each round for 7 sim days, which is about 2 sim seasons in my game.
Featuring sims & lots by...slyndsey, poppet_sims, frottana, voleste, and remisims.
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28 July 2015 @ 03:22 pm
Well...hey everyone! I've already posted most of these pictures to my tumblr, but here they are in one nice and tidy setting.
This is my work in progress new "round-play" hood called Aldrose.
Aldrose is on the Magic Town SC4 Terrain by voleste, which you can find here.
Enjoy! <3
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